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Client Testimonials

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Real clients. 

Real help. 

Real results. 

Couples Therapy 

"My partner and I have been seeing Kim as our couple's therapist for the past two months and our experience has been nothing short of incredible.


We initially sought Kim's expertise to improve our communication and address some pertinent pre-marital issues. In this remarkably short period, Kim has enabled us to make significant strides in our connection, fostering an environment that is understanding, supportive, and conducive for open discussions.


Kim's approach to therapy is compassionate yet effective, allowing us to navigate through our conversations with ease and comfort. She has a knack for understanding and interpreting our thoughts and feelings accurately, which has significantly helped in bridging our communication gaps. The progress we have witnessed in our relationship is truly remarkable, and we can't express enough gratitude for the positive changes Kim has brought into our lives.


We highly recommend Kim for anyone seeking to improve their relationship dynamics or looking to have important discussions in a safe, supportive environment. Kim's expertise and dedication to her work have truly transformed our lives for the better."

- D.G & I.C, pre-marital couple 

Individual Therapy 

"I have been a paitent for about two years now and have to say that she has changed y life. I have seen other therapists before, but none have ever really truly understsood me and been to upfront before. She reminds me that I have power in my life and to use it. I am so grafrful to have found such a wonderful therapuist that I know I can come to when I need help. 
                       - A.H., adult patient                                   

"Insightful, professional and caring!"

- D.A., adult patient

Family Therapy

"I cannot thank Kimberly enough! She helped my daughter and I heal from the past, and now we have a healthy and happy relationship. I have never felt so happy and healthy. She is the best!" 

- L. J.,adult patient 

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