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1:1 Individual Counseling 

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1:2 Couples Counseling 

Family with Tablet

Family Counseling 

I offer individual counseling, couples counseling and family counseling services both in-person as well as via telehealth. 

Often, a combination is necessary in order to maximize treatment success. 

Individually-tailored treatment plans are created together in your first two sessions, giving you a clear roadmap of treatment goals, objectives, and methods. 

Length of Session/Cost 

Initial Assessment (Individual): 60-90 minutes/$225

Initial Assessment (Couples): 90-120 minutes/$275

Initial Family Assessment: 90-120 minutes/$275


Individual Counseling: 50-55 minutes/$150

Couples Counseling: 50-55 minutes/$180

Counseling Counseling: 90 minutes/$225

Family Counseling: 50-55 minutes/$180


Parental Consult*: 50-55 minutes/$150

I am readily available as needed to take crisis calls after work hours at no additional cost to you. However, if additional consultation/counseling is requested outside of your appointment slot, the cost for phone calls is billed in six minute increments at a rate of $15/increment. 

*Parental consultation is only available if your child is a current patient. 

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