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Individual, Couple, and Family Counseling Services 

for Nevada Residents

Couples Therapy
Therapist and Patient
Therapy Office
Psychologist Session
Supportive Friend
Attentive Therapist
Psychology Session
Child Psycholgist
Therapy Session


Help is just a phone call away. 


Are you struggling? You are not alone.  The need for counseling services has never been greater. 

Whether feeling depressed or anxious, struggling in your relationships, or just overall unwell,

there is good news: help is just a phone call away. 


Kimberly Boschee, MS, LMFT has provided skilled professional services in the Southern Nevada community since 2005. With a focus on mood disorders (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder), and trauma, Kim offers services based on evidence-based, clinically proven treatment modalities. She enjoys working with younger clients as well, with appointments available for both parents and children (parenting, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and neurodivergency.) Both in-person and telehealth options are available. I w

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